Sumedha Flash -1st edition

Sumedha Flash -1st edition



September 13, 2022

Directors Desk:

Sumedha IT always tops in corporate level VLSI training by industry experts to Budding engineers. We are successful in creating a launch pad for more than 1500 of our students who are excelling in the semiconductor industry around the globe. As a market leader, it is Sumedha ‘s pride to have 30+ hiring partners and 100+ companies collaborated for placements.

“Our alumni are spread across the country in the whole VLSI industry. Our portal helps you to reach out to any company through our 1563+ Alumni. It is indeed a great leap for Sumedha and a motivation to eternally contribute to the industry”, he envisions.

Post Graduate Certification Program was initiated by Sumedha IT in collaboration with a NAAC A+, tier one university in India, Jain University. This has made Sumedha the only institute to offer PG level certification in VLSI! LinkedIn learning was also provided to students to support the training received in this program.

Sumedha IT full-filled its promise of 100% placement of its batches from the months of September, October, and November 2021.

Independence day Celebrations:

Sumedha IT celebrated India’s 75th Independence day on campus. As part of the celebrations; students, faculty and staff flaunted in white attires to symbolize peace and unity. We gathered together in the morning and sang the National Anthem. The entire Institute was  beautifully decorated in the tricolor to honor the “Har Ghar Tiranga’ initiative. Students proactively participated in several interactive sessions like Debates and Quizzes to sharpen their skills. Awards were given to winners of these contests.

Research & Development Wing:

Our focus is on building new opportunities for which we are providing specialized administrative and managerial support for the operation of Sponsored Research Projects. With this goal, the development of the R&D wing is in the pipeline. Enginers trained at Sumedha IT will now be upskilled and prepared for VLSI Jobs based on experience on the project and other related R&D activities. This endeavor will provide an opportunity to showcase their knowledge and receive experience on customer level projects by advancing their skills right in our Institute.

Corporate Readiness Program:

We aptly identify that students aspiring to become VLSI Professionals not only need academic and technical skills but also Soft-skills to meet the goals of the organization. Sumedha IT is offering mentorship to the students in order to equip them with zero day skills. In this, we assist students in developing their skills by conducting debates and discussions to improve their communication skills, how to use LinkedIn effectively to showcase their knowledge to recruiters and write corporate standard CVs thereby targeting high quality employment.

Top happenings in the VLSI Industry:

  • President Joe Biden signed the Creating Helpful Incentives to Produce Semiconductors (CHIPS) Act on August 9, 2022 in America. The aim of this act is to strengthen the semiconductors industry. The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) announced that the global semiconductor industry sales were up to $49.0 billion in the month of July 2022. This implies that the semiconductor industry is very important for the development of all industries around the world. More funding opportunities are being made available to the industry globally thereby resulting in better projects and better employment for engineers trained at Sumedha.

Top 3 reasons why VLSI technology is important to global markets today:

    (1) With the development of Internet Of Things, this reliability on chips is on an increase with every device integrating chips in their system.

   (2) Demand for SOCs has resulted every industry’s dependency on VLSI. It is thus that VLSI trained engineers are in skyrocketing demand.

   (3) ICs’ which cater high speed and accuracy will always be in demand for any industry.

  • Career outlook report showed that more than 59 percent of employers are keen on hiring semi trained professionals between July to December 2022.  India is thus on its way to becoming one of the most desired locations for jobs globally. Even Indian universities realize the importance of new technology and have thereby introduced courses like VLSI, Data Sciences etc. A total of 1,560 seats have been sanctioned in these new courses in the state of Bihar alone. It is thus that engineers trained at Sumedha IT are and will be in demand in the near future.
  • International VLSI Design & Embedded Systems Conference took place in Hyderabad on the 20th & 21st Aug 2022. Hyderabad has become a key city of development in the electronics and electrical industry which is why this location has been chosen for the international conference. The industry is also blooming in neighboring states like Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. We at Sumedha IT are thus located at the focus point of development in the VLSI industry.



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