India is set to emerge as the leading semiconductor producer by 2028.


India is set to emerge as the leading semiconductor producer by 2028.

India is poised to enter the league of top semiconductor producers by 2028, backed by a substantial fivefold surge in investment to 7.5 lakh crore, as declared by Ashwini Vaishnaw, the Minister for Electronics and IT, Communications, and Railways.

          The focal point will be the execution of India’s inaugural semiconductor fab project led by the Tata group, alongside two other chip assembly proposals. Vaishnaw informed ET that the government is swiftly moving towards notifying rules under the Telecommunications Bill, with non-consultative regulations taking precedence, followed by those necessitating public consultations post the April-May general elections.

 The minister highlighted the strategic implications of this development, positioning India alongside major semiconductor players like Taiwan, South Korea, the US, and China within the global geopolitical value chain. Stressing the need for meticulous project execution, Vaishnaw addressed skepticism about India’s semiconductor journey, asserting the nation’s transformative changes and urging doubters to acknowledge this reality.

He detailed plans for the approved projects, including the initiation of construction within the next 60-70 days, aiming to compress the typical timeline for chip production to two-and-a-half to three years. Vaishnaw expressed support for Vodafone Idea’s capital infusion and provided updates on executive rules for the Telecom Bill, approvals for Starlink, and progress on 4G deployment in BSNL. Anticipating substantial investments and employment opportunities in the semiconductor sector over the next five years, he envisioned the establishment of ecosystem partners and downstream industries. The minister noted that the evaluation of the Tower project remains an ongoing process, with proposals systematically presented to the Cabinet for approval as endorsed by the technical team.



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