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For VLSI Training and Placement


    Unlock Your Career in VLSI with Sumedha IT - The Best Training Institute

    Our Experiential VLSI Training Programs

    100% Job Assistance Program
    Pay After Placement
    • Zero Fee Till Placement 
    • Stipend During Training
    Career Enhancement Program​
    • Fundamentals to Core Learning
    • On Job Training
    • Quick PG level certification 
    • Fast Placement

    High Demand VLSI Courses -Design Verification, Physical Design, RTL, and Analog Layout.

    Design Verification
    • CMOS | Scripting | Digital Design
    Core Topics
    • Micro Architectures design
    • RTL Design using Verilog
    • Verification using Verilog
    • Test bench
    • OOP’s Concepts
    • System-level verification environment
    • UVM Verification
    New Batch: 17th July 2024
    Physical Design
    • CMOS | Scripting | Digital Design
    Core Topics
    • IC fabrication
    • RTL Concepts
    • Synthesis
    • STA
    • PNR
    • Physical Verification

    Floor Planning, Placement, CTS Routing, Post Routing Optimization.

    New Batch: 17th July 2024

    Analog Layout
    • CMOS | Scripting | Digital Design
    Core Topics
    • IC Fabrication
    • Layout tool introduction
    • Basic inverter layout
    • Standard cell, IO, Memory layout
    • Analog blocks layout

    Differential Amplifiers,  Current Mirror, etc.

    New Batch: 17th July 2024

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    Trusted by Thousand of Students and Tutors

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    Latest Placement Updates

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      No, Fee is excluding 18% GST

      3 Instalments in total.

      1st Instalment: 50% (while joining)

      2nd Instalment: 25% (3rd month – 1st week)

      3rd Instalment: 25% (4th month – 1st week)

      Just UPFRONT FEES, the deliverances from our side will be same for both.

      Faculties, Labs, Mentors, and Placements everything is same for both the programs.

      Yes, can be as reservation fees where you could confirm your slot in the batch by registering with Rs.5000. That’s not an extra charge, amount will be deducted from overall fee.

      4 Months of Classroom training (Mandatory)
      8 Months of On-Job training (Multiple Entries & Multiple Exit points)

      A) 6-Months (Course Training)
      ✔ 2-Months:  Training on VLSI fundamentals

      ✔ 4-Months: Intensive training on Core domain.
      B) 6-Months* (On-Job Training)
      ✔ Placement period (Students will start appearing for placements)
      ✔On-Job training (Till the time students get placed, they’ll work in a product-based company which provides a certified experience)

      Aptitude, Digital Electronics, Electronic Devices and Circuits, Network Theory Fundamentals.

      The reference text books can be:
      Digital Electronics: Modern Digital Electronics by R P Jain
      EDC: EDC by Millman & Halkies
      Network Theory: By Hayt and Kemmarly

      Minimum of 60% in objective exam and follows up with a Personal Interview.

      Basically, you get to work under a project in a Product based company. Every individual will have their part of work and role in a Live project. And a certified experience will be provided under the same.



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